Entrance to the Honeycomb
(The Casting)

Entrance to the Honeycomb<br> (The Casting)

Early 1950's Unpublished


This was James Dickey's first attempt at a novel in the early 1950's. He started with a draft called The Casting and eventually transformed it into Entrance to the Honeycomb. The book is about a protagonist named Julian Glass who seems to like being on the track team more than the fooball team. He feels as if the football team offers more glory than track and continues to try and improve his play. Julian is modeled on James Dickey himself, who played track and football in high school. Julian's father gets upset with Julian because of his poor performance in a game. The father and his friends lost a lot of money on a bet for the game. The father denounces his son and and Julian cries against the locker as his nose starts bleeding. The father also attacks his daughter, Ann, after she refuses to change schools. He strips her and ties her up with tape to a couch. The father grabs Julian from his reading and makes him participate as he whips the daughter with a cane. Julian's father also takes him to cockfights which begins Julian's entrance into the violent world of his father, whom is modeled on Dickey's actual father Eugene Dickey.